Based in Yorkshire, I am a 40 year old photographer covering weddings, events, parties, civil ceremonies, childrens parties, corporates, portraits, pin up and boudoir (male and female). I like to take candid, natural shots and getting involved with the clients in a relaxed, friendly way rather than posing everyone and having a military feel to my shoots.

I have been taking photos for many years since studying photography at college in 1993. I went on to work as a full time photographer for Alders of Hull and was trained in Sheffield to their standards. After leaving there, I had the bug and over the years have had many cameras and taken shots of so many things. I lost thousands of my photos when an external hard drive broke some years ago, taking all my work with it and I was devastated but back on the horse as they say!

Since then, I’ve continued my passion for wandering round capturing life, nature and anything I could get a shot of but only decided to take the plunge in September 2014 after a lot of researching and set up my own business Rachel Best Photography.

So far I have had many mixed style jobs from clients and am already taking bookings up to 2018 for weddings. This just confirms even more my love of the job and the work I do and I would like to share some of my work and thoughts in my business blog.

My Facebook is regularly updated along with a new Instagram account, Flickr and Twitter.





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