Busy busy…

What a busy week!

10th January I did my first booking of the year after meeting with a Bride and Groom to be to discuss their wedding on 10th February. I then went straight from there to Holbeck and did a fabulous family photo shoot for Mariam, her husband and 2 children. Sadly, Mariam, despite being an amazing model, didn’t want to give me permission to use the photos on my website or Facebook which is my clients’ decision but a shame when the shots are so good.

12th January I travelled over to Idle near Bradford. Tim and his rather large family won one of my portrait shoots through Armley Youth Group and we finally got the date sorted so over I went. Sadly, at last minute Tim and his family were unable to get back from a family engagement so I had the pleasure of Lizzie, his youngest Daughter and her little boy Dylan (12 months) to take shots of.  Dylan was a little treasure and very good throughout, posing with his toys and smiling away.

Both of the above shoots have now been edited, printed and sent off to my clients.



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