Corecom ITboss at the Cross Keys 27th Nov

I was fortunate enough to be asked to take photos at the ITboss corporate event last night at Leeds Corn Exchange. I arrived at 5pm and had a cheeky glass of red wine. The pub itself was homely, warm and very festive with plenty of twinkling lights and a big tree! Shortly after I arrived, George also did, hes the man I arranged attending the event for. He gave me a run through sheet and informed me it was a free bar (fatal!) although I dont normally drink on the job, ever!

There were about 20 people ish at the event with a talk, question and answer session and a lovely spread of hot food which went in minutes. I worked alongside Tom, who was a very professional videographer and the whole event went smoothly although I did feel at times, the attendees didnt really like their photos being taken so randomly. I like to take plenty of shots from all angles at events to ensure I have covered everything the client needs. 200 shots later and the event was done after some wine tasting for the clients that attended. A very well organised and informative event.

After a successful evening, I am now editing the photographs to be sent out on disc and also added to my website. I would definitely attend another Corecom event given the change as I found it interesting and different.

Shots from the event can be found here




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