Corecom ITboss at the Cross Keys 27th Nov

I was fortunate enough to be asked to take photos at the ITboss corporate event last night at Leeds Corn Exchange. I arrived at 5pm and had a cheeky glass of red wine. The pub itself was homely, warm and very festive with plenty of twinkling lights and a big tree! Shortly after I arrived, George also did, hes the man I arranged attending the event for. He gave me a run through sheet and informed me it was a free bar (fatal!) although I dont normally drink on the job, ever!

There were about 20 people ish at the event with a talk, question and answer session and a lovely spread of hot food which went in minutes. I worked alongside Tom, who was a very professional videographer and the whole event went smoothly although I did feel at times, the attendees didnt really like their photos being taken so randomly. I like to take plenty of shots from all angles at events to ensure I have covered everything the client needs. 200 shots later and the event was done after some wine tasting for the clients that attended. A very well organised and informative event.

After a successful evening, I am now editing the photographs to be sent out on disc and also added to my website. I would definitely attend another Corecom event given the change as I found it interesting and different.

Shots from the event can be found here




Christmas Photo Shoot 5th December

I am pleased to announce I am working with BP Photography to bring the local community a Christmas Photo shoot opportunity to Bramley, Leeds on December 5th between 10.30 and 2pm at Fairfield Community Centre, Fairfield Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS13 3DQ

We will charge just £5.00 on the day and take 2 shots of each family/individual and your prints will then be available to order should you wish to do so for an additional £5.00 online via our websites. Payment will be via paypal and the print will be delivered directly to your home address inclusive in the price.

We have a fabulous red backdrop and Christmas decoration to accompany your shoot and make it as special as possible.

Please visit my website to contact me or call 07881386145 for more information.

Welcome to my new blog for Rachel Best Photography

Ive never been a fan of blogs. I don’t really ‘get’ them. I guess, they’re a little like an online diary or running log of events of your life/business/school etc. I realised I need to move with the times and as I’m running a business that primarily gets most of its interest and clients via the internet, this was something I needed to set up. So, here it is. Im not sure how often it will get updated or quite what to share with people on it but it will be a quirky, honest journey through my work, bookings and general aspects of my little photography world!


Rachel Best